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Jermaine Blount helps educators equip students with the tools for success. Imagine a world where every student embodies a winning mindset, where challenges are met with unwavering determination and resilience, becoming stepping stones towards growth in the classroom and in every aspect of life.

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Winning Mindset

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Winning Mindset
Winning Mindset
Winning Mindset
Winning Mindset
Winning Mindset

For more than two decades of results...

Author • Educator • Speaker

Meet Jermaine Blount, Ed. M.

Jermaine Blount is an esteemed author, educator, speaker, and consultant, renowed for "Developing a Winning Mindset" in schools. Jermaine has been making a positive impact in the hearts and minds of students and teachers for more than 25 years as a teacher and school administrator.  As a result of his background, raised as a youth in Trenton, New Jersey, Jermaine incorporates a foundational belief that all students can achieve their goals and dreams through perseverance, self-discipline, and belief, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  

Winning Mindset

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Winning Mindset for Students

The Power of Your I.D.E.A.

Equity in Discipline

Restorative Practices

Overcoming Adversity

Culture of Learning





See how we can build resilence and close the gaps.

Encouraged by Respected Educators

Winning Mindset

Les Brown

Winning Mindset

Principal Kafele

Winning Mindset

Kevin Carroll


Empowering Students and Teams

Unlock the Potential for Success and Growth

"An empowered student will
create opportunities to be successful." Jermaine Blount

Winning Mindset
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“Jermaine's ability to connect with, form relationships, and coach/mentor students has changed the trajectory of many of their lives and has contributed to their future success!”

Winning Mindset

Lori E. School Principal

“Jermaine is passionate about supporting teachers and helping them reach their full potential as educators. He works tirelessly to support their needs in the classroom, which has dramatically improved student achievement”.

Winning Mindset

Mike S. Educator

“Jermaine has an innate ability to make others want to do and be better. This is due to his years of experience and skillful ability to communicate in a manner that fosters fruitful interactions”.

Winning Mindset

Priscilla A. Educator


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Allow us to pave the path for those who are uncertain about themselves and help pass on this knowledge and practice to create a positive impact on shaping the next generation.

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