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The Blount Family

Jermaine's Story

Jermaine Blount is an esteemed author, educator, speaker, and consultant, renowed for "Developing a Winning Mindset" in schools. Jermaine has been making a positive impact in the hearts and minds of students and teachers for more than 25 years as a teacher and school administrator.  As a result of his background, raised as a youth in Trenton, New Jersey, Jermaine incorporates a foundational belief that all students can achieve their goals and dreams through perseverance, self-discipline, and belief, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  As the first in his family to earn both an undergraduate and master's degree, he walked away from a multi-national investment banking firm to dedicate his career as a teacher and school administrator.  Like Harriet Tubman, it was not enough for him to gain freedom of mind, he created a pathway so more could find their way. 

Jermaine has demonstrated years of successful outcomes helping students through self-discovery, developing self-confidence, and self-motivation to reach their potential.  An advocate for education, Jermaine helps students and teachers embrace a positive mindset on their journey toward appreciating differences regardless of race, ethnicity, identity, and religion while becoming the best version of themselves.  He provides teacher professional development, student success roadmaps, and leadership training while improving school climate and culture


Jermaine incorporates inspirational stories of adversity and true courage that inspire students to believe in themselves, overcome obstacles, and never give up in pursuit of their goals and dreams. He believes we build character and perseverance through personal experiences, reflection, and insight.  Jermaine is married, has two beautiful children, and serves as a New Jersey Governor Award-winning public school educator.

"Leadership is respecting and supporting others even when they make mistakes". Jermaine Blount

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